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Our Philosophy

Since 1994, Apex Mountain Homes has set the standard for excellence as the premier Summit County custom home builder. Regardless of the number of homes we have under construction at any time, we focus on the unique features and details of each project, as well as the specific budget requirements of our clients. Because we concentrate on quality, our management team and craftsmen give your home the attention it deserves. With perfection as our singular goal, exceeding client expectations is the measure of our success. We are at the pinnacle of custom home builders in Summit County.

We maintain a full-time staff of professional builders who work exclusively for Apex Mountain Homes. Our profit-sharing plan provides incentive for our team members to create exceptional work, to adhere to predetermined budget limits and to meet project deadlines throughout all phases of construction. Because all Apex team members participate in this plan, they are motivated to maximize efficiency and minimize waste at every step of the project

In our mountain environment, log and timber construction is a prominent feature in many custom homes. We are experts in this field, as you will see in our portfolio. Our log work — from the most massive beams to the smallest wood details –is unsurpassed in Summit County. We also have superior experience utilizing a variety of other construction materials across a wide range of architectural styles. We have built our reputation being fine Custom Green Builders. Whatever level of sophistication you seek, we can help you realize your vision. If you love your current home, but are thinking of remodeling, give us a call. Our team of skilled craftsman are highly experienced with all kinds of remodels,and you will be assured of a project that will exceed your expectations!

Remodeling and Home Design
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